Saturday, January 21, 2012

New link and video

I've added a new link that I'd love you you to check out. I'm not sure if many of you are familiar with Etsy but it is this amazing site which offers loads of unique products and designs. I've also added a music video by Lady Gaga. It is the acapella version of "Born this Way". I realize many people may find her odd or perhaps even disturbing. However, please listen to the words of this song if you haven't already. It's message is an amazing one and this version is superb.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my first blog post! I am extremely excited to be in this class. I am a creative individual and am looking forward to the amazing curriculum we have ahead of us, especially the building of a website. I chose to become a IMM student due to my love for fashion, marketing, creativity, and international business. After being laid off in 2009, I knew that I needed to make a change. I was eager to learn more about the business side of things and began to do research on MBA programs. Originally I was considering Ohio State as they have an excellent MBA program. I also currently reside in Columbus, Ohio so this would be a very easy choice. However, when I looked more into the curriculum I was not that excited about what I saw. The classes seemed uninteresting and also did not offer me a combination of what I was looking for. As I began to do more research and I came across the MSIMM program at BU. Thanks to the wonderful access we now have due to the internet, I jumped at the chance to become a BU student. Not only was I impressed with the school, but also the program itself. Finally I was excited about the classes I would be taking! This is my first semester as a grad student and I am looking forward to the journey which lies before me. 

Oh, and just for fun......I am a huge animal of course I had to include pictures of my puppies! Sophie is on the left and Riley is on the right!