Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my first blog post! I am extremely excited to be in this class. I am a creative individual and am looking forward to the amazing curriculum we have ahead of us, especially the building of a website. I chose to become a IMM student due to my love for fashion, marketing, creativity, and international business. After being laid off in 2009, I knew that I needed to make a change. I was eager to learn more about the business side of things and began to do research on MBA programs. Originally I was considering Ohio State as they have an excellent MBA program. I also currently reside in Columbus, Ohio so this would be a very easy choice. However, when I looked more into the curriculum I was not that excited about what I saw. The classes seemed uninteresting and also did not offer me a combination of what I was looking for. As I began to do more research and I came across the MSIMM program at BU. Thanks to the wonderful access we now have due to the internet, I jumped at the chance to become a BU student. Not only was I impressed with the school, but also the program itself. Finally I was excited about the classes I would be taking! This is my first semester as a grad student and I am looking forward to the journey which lies before me. 

Oh, and just for fun......I am a huge animal of course I had to include pictures of my puppies! Sophie is on the left and Riley is on the right!


  1. Hi Kristin,
    I love everything about your blog. The pictures of your pets are very cute and the background, color and layout make it look like a seasoned professional was at work. Well Done. My 16 yo daughter has just started modeling classes with Paige Parks here in Houston and is a bit of a fashion bug but she is only 5 5" so not yet really tall enough. Great post, glad to have you in the class.

    Kenneth Pilcher

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I love your blog! The creative fashion background on your blog is amazing. It’s perfect.

    The color schemes and design layout works well with your creative fashion background.

    Sofie and Riley are adorable.

    Susie McElroy-Wong

  3. Thank you both for your wonderful comments! Kenneth, I know how your daughter feels. I am only 5'4" so the modeling side of fashion was never really an option for me. However, there is always a chance to do print modeling no matter what your height. Fashion is definitely a fun industry but it is also very trivial, if she has another interests I would certainly encourage those! With that said, you certainly can't help what you're passionate about. It's like trying to control who you fall in love with.

  4. Kristin,
    Nice blog. I saw new feature on your blog. Looking forward to working with you.

  5. Kristin,
    What a splendid blog. It is creative in every respect!

    Much like you, I was thinking "MBA" but was impressed with BU’s Insurance Management Program which is very specific to my profession. Many years have passed since I have been is school so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

    Again, wonderful blog, nice look, neat photos and solid design. Not much I would change. Look forward to working with you during this session.


  6. Hey Kristen,

    Cool blog!

    Nice to hear that somebody is loving their profession. It must have been great to study in Florence! I wish I had pursued a career in music but it is often who you know in the industry and not how good you are!

    I am planning a trip to Europe and Florence is on my radar along with Rome and of course Venice.

    Welcome to the class and look forward working with you!

    -Ed S.

    1. Thank you so much Ed! I have added photos just for you!

  7. Hi Kristen,

    Your blog is stylish and really unique! Reflects a great personality. Great color choice, background and fonts.

    Good luck in the new class!


    Orlando S.

  8. Kristin,

    This is a great blogger. I must compliment you on the layout and all the added gadgets. As for Lady Gaga, as bizarre as she appears I have a lot of respect for her. She is who she is and she does not cave in to conformity. You must give her credit. Also my niece, Ashley Murray, graduated from FIT in NYC last year. Finally you are not alone; I too have been out of work since February, 2009. This has forced me to develop my skills in investing and trading which increasingly reminds me that we are creators of our own destiny. I am now no longer dependent on a salary. I would have never discovered this independence had I not been forced into it. You must have confidence in yourself, your creative abilities and never give up trying, and you will succeed. Good luck in class and I look forward to working with you.

    1. Thank you so much John! What did your niece major in? Has she been successful in finding a job? I would love to develop my skills in investing and trading as well. This is something I looked in to when I was still working in design. However, I feel completely oblivious to it all because I am not a finance person by any means. I was always good with numbers but understanding the market, and more importantly taking the risk with my money, is not something that comes easily to me. Sometimes I regret the fact that I did not attend a normal university for the very reason that I often feel very unintelligent when it comes to matters such as those. This is also one of the reasons I chose to return to school. There is so much about business in every aspect that I do not understand. And I am a person who can't stand it when I don't understand something.

    2. Hi Kristin,

      I’ll find out more from my niece about her major; however, I do know she is not employed as of yet.

      As for investing, I’ve been at it twenty-five years now and am finally beginning to profit more than I’ve lost. I lost more than $40,000 during the dot-com crash in May of 2000 but I stuck with it. I’ve taken courses, been coached by professionals, read volumes of books and it all boils down to six factors:

      >Have a goal
      >Develop a plan
      >Don’t trade on emotion
      >Prepare yourself for losses
      >Be patient
      >And lastly, don’t be greedy

      Trading is not for the faint hearted and you can’t count on consistent returns so it is not something you can jump into. If you’re interested in getting started in investing I would recommend as a starting point. If you ever have any questions you can always E-mail me.

  9. Hi Kristin!

    I LOVE Your blog page! I love fashion as well, so you wallpaer drew me in immediately! So couture and vintage feeling. Welcome to BU. This is my 7th couse in the MSPM Program and I have nejoyed every bit of it! I am sure you will share my same sentiments.


  10. Hey Kristin,
    Your page rocks and definitely shows your talent for fashion and design. The blog has great gadgets and features, with the Gaga links as a nice touch. I love that you lived abroad for school and you must get back to NYC eventually. (I'm sure you know that!). I was in the Navy and spent time in Livorno and Naples so I was in Florence often and many of the smaller surrounding areas as well. Since I am a food nut and live in NYC, I search for any chefs that can make authentic italian food as often as possible.
    Good Luck with the course and I look forward to continued updates.